WIP Wednesday

WIP= Work in Progress

If you're anything like me, you have a kajillion projects floating around in your head that will likely never make their way into the realm of reality. Ian blames Pinterest. Of the kajillion seedling ideas, about .0314% actually make their way onto my to do list. I may even stock up my HobLob cart or (far less desirable) Home Depot cart with the needed supplies.

Don't be fooled for one second that just because I have invested money into an idea means I'll actually get around to doing it. Oh, no. Those supplies will likely pile high in either the trunk of my car, the corners of our garage, or the used-to-be-office-turned-play-room-turned-craft-explosion at the back of our house.

At this moment:

My front flower beds need to be planted.

My little super hero is in desperate need of a cape.

My beige patio chairs have been begging for colorful pillows.

My garage sale shutters are ready to be painted and hung as a head board in the guest bedroom.

My jewelry has asked to be displayed in a rustic frames around my vanity.

These projects are basically on the tarmac just waiting for take off. Waiting ever so patiently for the DYI stars to align. Here's to hoping...


  1. Loving the blog explosion on the Rock blog. :)

  2. come stay a week with me and we will get them all done. My project are all getting done. Mom

  3. I'm so bad these days. I know that I don't have the time to finish projects so I"m just lazy now and don't even start them. I need a little motivation!!!


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