Disciple Now- noun-  Bible Belt phenomenon in which massive amounts of middle school and high school students come together in their city for a weekend long slumber party and partake in learning, worshiping, eating, serving and other shenanigans.

Our church's D-Now was this last weekend, and it was amazing. We had around 350 students and 60+ college leaders in attendance. My main role during the weeks leading up to this event is generally keeping Ian sane. He is so incredibly gifted at pulling off big events like this. He pays such great attention to the little details that make everything run smoothly, from registration, to meal time, to music selection, to t shirt design, to sessions, etc. He is definitely in his element when he is orchestrating such events. He has a tendency to go hard, and needs the subtle reminders to stop to eat/sleep/breathe, and that's where I come in :). Plus, I like to urge him not to work too many late nights so Sawyer and I can see more of him. The little man and I were glad to spend several afternoons at the church helping Ian and his team prepare.

Then came game time.... Jesus-loving, Chaco-wearing, backpack-laden college students from near and far descended upon ATX. I am beyond grateful that so many incredible young people adore Jesus enough to sacrifice valuable sleep/ study time/ gas money to come love on our students.

6 o'clock hit a riotous pubescent apocalypse ensued.  I swear I heard cheering and whooping coming from the mini-vans and suburbans as they sped from the parking lot after barely slowing down stopping to drop off their kids for the weekend.

There was too much to goodness (and too many nights have passed) to recount all that happened in those short few days, but be encouraged to know that last weekend in Austin, Texas, over 400 young people spent an entire weekend falling more in love with the Savior whose resurrection we will celebrate tomorrow.

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