Rock House Reformation

The Rock house is about to get quite a makeover. With baby #2 coming this Spring, we'll be doing some major purging, deep cleaning, room switching, closet compiling, and most importantly, decorating.

We love our little house. After months of house hunting over three years ago, we were thrilled to find this one and make it our home. With Ian working in ministry, and plans of growing a family, we wanted to find something that fit both our modest income and had a floor plan to suite us for the future. The house is small cozy (approximately 1700 square feet), but the space is used well. We have 4 bedrooms (Master, Nursery, Guest Room, Office), 2 full baths, and the center of the house serves as a very open living room and dining room area leading into the open kitchen. There is no space wasted with awkward hallways, corners and nooks.

Baby #2 (gender tbd November 19th!) will need his/her own room. Sawyer will be turning 2 in December and will be graduating to a big boy room, and our guest room and office will somehow need to be combined. What I'm most dreading is the loss of the two extra closets. Our guest room and office closets are currently at max capacity. They are organized, but full of sewing stuff, office supplies, out-of-season clothes, wrapping supplies, filing cabinets, etc. These all have to find new homes or compete for the coveted space in the new single guest/office closet.

Now this is going to start quite the domino effect. Here are the steps that I've already come to terms with needing to happen:

- Purge master closets and drawers to make room to store out of season clothes.
- Purge coat and linen closets to make room for miscellaneous things needing new homes.
- Purge attic and garage to make storage work better for us.
- Design, decorate and implement Sawyer's big boy room in the current guest room.
- Organize and implement the guest room/office combo in Sawyer's current room.
- Design, decorate and implement nursery into current office.
- Garage sale to get rid of purged items
- Redecorate guest bathroom... not as prep for the baby, but just because I want to. :)

Whew!! I'm sweating just thinking about it. But also, kind of giddy with excitement!

Oh, and did I mention we plan on spending as little money as possible? CraigsList, garage sales and my handy husband will be my friend. We already have a free twin bed coming our way from a family friend for Sawyer's new room. (woohoo!) Hopefully we'll make a little money from our garage sale to offset some cost too.

This process will take a few months, but the goal is to be done by March before the baby comes first week of April. I plan to take pictures before/during/after to document this (hopefully) successful transformation. Here we go!

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