Sweet September

September was a great month in the Rock house! As crazy excited as I am that we're now well into October, my favorite month of the year, I have to give thanks for Sweet September.

This kid... Let me tell you a little something about him. He loves to climb, run, jump, make messes, play, swim, dance, eat, color, and talk. He LOVES entertaining people and being the center of attention. He gets bored easily. He has strong opinions about what foods he likes to eat. He's a smart little booger, figuring out how to overcome obstacles like baby proofed doors and latches. He's very physical, which is sweet when it means high fives and hugs, but not so great when it means tackling friends or high five-ing them in the face. He loves his daddy, asking about him all day long and squealing with excitement when he hears the garage door open. He loves his mama well too, which just make my heart swell. He's running full speed toward being a 2 year old, and is not looking back.

One thing that excites me most about my Sawyer, is what a wonderful big brother he will be. We've been keeping a little secret for a while now... Baby Rock # 2 will be joining our family around the first week of April. We posted the news on Facebook the middle of September and have been overwhelmed by how well this little nugget is already loved. God sure is good to us to give such encouraging and supportive friends and family.

Here's a peek at my favorite picture from September. This was actually taken the end of August, but it was hidden from most until I hit 12 weeks.


  1. YAHOOOO!!! Congrats! I missed the message on Facebook so I am very glad you posted it here. Hope you are feeling well! Can't wait to hear updates!

    1. Thanks Summer! I've been feeling great, and can't wait to get to know this little guy or girl!


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