Goodness, a lot has happened since I was last here. I wish the holiday season would slow down a bit so I could soak up every moment of family, cooling weather, and celebration goodness that comes from this time of year.

Novembers are always a full season in the Rock house. Amongst the typical busyness that comes with Thanksgiving season, our student ministry had their annual Fall weekend retreat, which renders Ian CRAZY for the better part of the month.

Just before traveling to Katy to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving, we found out we will be bringing some more femininity into our home, by way of a teeny little baby girl! I didn't know I had a preference for the gender of this second baby until the moment the ultrasound technician told us what it was. I was overwhelmed with excitement! I know I'd love another boy just the same, but the newness of a different flavor baby in our family just made me giggle and cry the rest of the appointment. The excitement of friends, family, students and even strangers over our finding out has been so humbling.

Our Thanks Day festivities included lots of driving, copious amounts of food, family hangouts, great friends, Black Friday shopping madness, witnessing a Fightin' Texas Aggie win from Kyle Field, and concluded with a trip to Sea World as the start of Sawyer's birthday celebration. Whew! It was a crazy few days.

Still ahead over the next week or so, we will prepare for Sawyer's birthday party, continue with home reorganizations, enjoy a visit from my high school best friend,  start our Advent celebration, and enjoy our little family. Luckily the lights are already lit and the stockings are already hung.

We have so much to be thankful for, and I pray the Lord reminds me to be still amidst the craziness to appreciate it all.

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