Baby Girl.

Little Lady has a name.

We named her some time ago, but I wanted to take a moment to document it here on this little space.

It's quite a responsibility to name a whole person. Her identity is already found in her Maker, of that, I'm certain. But she will become a girl, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and perhaps, if her daddy allows it, a wife. And the name Tyler Karis Rock will follow her forever.

I have long had a penchant for bold, boyish names for girls. I like the might and tenacity it suggests.

We named her Tyler after my big brother, her uncle Jesse Tyler. He's quite a namesake. Such a juxtaposition of athleticism and artistry. Confident yet demure. Casual but intentional. Passionate and discerning. I hope she is all those things. Her big brother, Sawyer, already borrowed his bright blue eyes, but she'd be lucky to get the same.

Jesse was given the middle name Tyler as a nod to where our parents first met.  Tyler, Texas is home to a summer camp ministry where they both worked in the late 70's. It served as the setting to the start of their love story, but also was also a place my brothers and I grew up loving to visit each summer. God has done immeasurable work in the lives of my family in that place, and I love its heritage.  I pray Tyler might resemble her uncle Jesse and that the Lord would be invited to work in her life like He did in her Mimi and Pops' lives in Tyler, Texas.

First name: check. Last name: check. Now for something to nestle in between.

Middle names are tricky. We wanted more than just a tagline to add to her first introductions to the world, 'We are proud to announce the birth of Tyler Karis..." We wanted more than an initial to separate her first and last name. We wanted meaning. We wanted to cast yet another hope and prayer for our little girl.

Karis, of Greek origin, means primarily grace, but also favor and thanks. The Bible has well over 100 mentions of God's karis being bestowed on His children and attitudes of karis being reflected back to Him. What a beautiful picture of our biggest desires for our daughter. Beyond health and happiness, that she might find herself at the center of His grace, as a recipient of His favor, and with a posture of thankfulness back to Him.

Tyler Karis Rock, if all goes as planned, will be here in just under 5 weeks (eeek!) Preparations are well under way at the Rock house as we get ready for her arrival, and my heart is glad to know she is already intimately known and loved.


  1. What a sweet sweet post. Excitedly watching your family grow from afar brings me joy. Tyler Karis Rock is already one well loved little lady.

  2. We are very excited about the arrival of our little great grand daughter! She is coming into a wonderful loving family. can't wait to see you Tyler.
    Papa and Nana


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