The Final Countdown

I can't hear that phrase and not picture Gob Bluth dancing on stage preparing to do magic tricks  illusions in front of a crowd of co-eds. (If that reference is lost on you, do me a favor and watch all of Arrested Development at your earliest convenience. You'll thank me later.)

The final countdown has begun. Tyler will be making her debut April 2nd, if not sooner. Our hospital bags are packed. The car seat is in the car. Her room is nearing completion. The only thing missing is our sweet baby girl.

We had a bit of a practice run with the hospital last weekend. Sunday after church, I was having really frequent contractions. They weren't very painful for how close together they were, so I was almost certain it was false labor. At Ian's insistance, I called the emergency nurse line and they had me go to the hospital and advised to be prepared to come home with a baby.

We quickly finished packing our bags, dropped Sawyer at a friend's house, and called parents to let them know they may or may not be having another grand baby that afternoon/evening.

I told the receptionist at the maternity ward that I was really hoping they would send me back home, and she laughed and said usually women were begging to stay! Contractions ranging from every 2 to 10 minutes with no other indication of labor had the doctors stumped, but after a few hours of monitoring, we were on our way.

We prayed she would stay put for just a little while longer, and I'm so glad she has cooperated thus far. This week, I think I've crossed the line into feeling ready. There will always be more errands to run, more areas of the house to organize/clean, more adorable outfits to buy, but my mind and heart are at ease knowing she is full term, and we're ready when she is!

Sawyer thinks everyone should have cake pops for their birthday, so his main concern is that we make some before she's here. That's my big 'to-do' this week, and I think we can handle it!

I'll leave you with a few family/maternity pictures my friend Julie took a couple weeks ago. We just got them back, and I feel so blessed/proud/overwhelmed by how much I love my little family. Thanks for stopping by, and keep us in your prayers as we welcome this little one in the next several days!


  1. These pictures are precious. You have the perfect little pregnant bod!! Can't wait to hear that Miss Tyler is here. Will she be live tweeting her birth like Sawyer did??

  2. Excitedly awaiting to welcome Tyler from afar. Precious pics of your growing family. Praying over labor and delivery!
    P.S. CONGRATS on the Sunday announcement. :)


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